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What is Destination Caregiving Network? 

Destination Caregiving is an online education and counseling platform for family caregivers. The platform offers live, online class-room like sessions for small groups of family caregivers to help them navigate the world of elderly caregiving. The classes are offered by world renowned subject matter experts. 

What is Caregiver Transformation Retreat?

Caregiving Transformation Retreat offers premium classroom experience for small groups at bespoke locations. If you need a temporary break from your caregiving responsibilities – the retreats are an option for you to learn about caregiving, find support, establish connection and help you start or prepare to continue on your caregiving journey armed with new strategies and renewed purpose.

Will you be offering the Caregiver Transformation Retreat throughout the year?

Yes. Our first program launches in May 6, 2021. However, we intend to offer these courses again. Please sign up and provide your contact information on the Contact Us page to receive information about upcoming course schedules

What is the different between and is the main website for Destination Caregiving. is our community and education platform. Think of this as our own private social network and a safe environment to learn, share, discuss and connect.

Do I need a computer to participate in the class?

The Virtual Caregiver Transformation Retreat is designed to give you all the exclusive content and coaching in the comfort of your own home. You will need a laptop with a camera and speaker and internet connectivity. You can also mobile devices like an Apple iPad, or Windows Surface as long as they meet the criteria. We do not recommend using a mobile phone – as that might not give you the full benefit of the classroom experience

Will I be able to access the course recordings on-demand?

No. These courses are designed to be live, in-person sessions with the instructors. The sessions are not recorded for privacy reasons.

I don’t live in the Eastern Time Zone or in the United States. Will this be offered in other locations or Time Zones?

Our class schedules have been optimized to enable family caregivers to access and participate and access across North America ( US, Canada and Mexico). We are planning on offering these classes in different time zones in the future for the convenience of our students. Please stay tuned for further updates?

Do you offer instructions in Spanish or French?

The medium of instruction is English. We might be offering clases in other languages in future. Stay tuned.

Will there be homework assignments?

Homework Assignments will depend on the instructors and the type of course you have signed up for.

What is your cancellation policy?

For Caregiver Transformation Retreats, since we allow only a limited number of participants, we do not honor cancellations. However, we understand you may have schedule challenges. You may transfer your registration for a future class.

For all other online classes, you may cancel your registration prior to 30 days of the course schedule for a full refund. You may optionally transfer to future dates.

What if I am unable to participate in all the classes and have to break for family emergencies?

If you are in one of the Retreat Programs, we encourage you to make arrangements to have a backup. Because of the immersive nature of the Retreat Programs- breaking the class not only effects other participants and members, but you will not derive the full benefits of the program.

Can I defer my registration to a future class schedule?

Yes. You may defer your registration to a future class for other online classes.

For Retreats, we ask that you inform us at least 15 days in advance so your spot may be given to other member on the waitlist.